Building Your Online Business Personality – Branding Part II

If you read my previous article on self branding then you know a good domain name is a great start to driving traffic to your website and can help build your online business personality.Taking the time to choose a website with your name, your business name and what your business offers or any combination of those three is the same as laying a strong foundation for a building that will be the headquarters for a multi-billion dollar company.How people perceive in you in real life is the same as how you want them to perceive you online and the key to having a success online business is being perceived as a PROFESSIONAL!So if you haven’t done so, take the time right now to think of some domain names before you continue reading this article.Okay, so in continuation to build your online business personality you need a LABEL.A LABEL is a small description that defines you whenever you post on a blog, forum, article or social media site. Your label shares who you are, what you do and what you can offer to others. It’s like a note about the author on the back of a book cover. For you it’s an online business card with your credentials and photo.Let’s say you’re reading a forum on business platforms by two different people. Both of their articles make sense. They both provide good point of views and they both have references to business articles and books. Which person would you be more akin to follow in a business venture? The one signed:Michael Turner with no label…Or the one signed:Jason LeeWith over a decade of experience building multiple online businesses, Jason Lee has created a system that has revolutionized online marketing and has helped others create massive streams of income with minimum amount of work. To become a student of Mr. Lee’s…..The smallest additional amount of work and effort can create more results and cultivate bigger rewards.How do you feel when someone you don’t know approaches you and starts asking questions about who you are and what line of work you do?Shy? Nervous? Overzealous? Clumsy? Worried you’ll say the wrong thing?How would you feel if every time someone spoke to you they could see your business credentials, acknowledgments and achievements?Relaxed? Talkative? Self-assured? More confident? Excited?Now, how would you feel if people approached you and not only knew who you were and what your business could do for them, but wanted to join your business right now?I know I would feel… ECSTATIC!You want to create a label that does that for you!Your label needs to grab people’s attention so not only would they want to know more about you, but they want to follow all your writings, videos and learn your business as well.Doing this will drive more and more traffic to your website, boosting your business and thereby increasing your online credibility and adding more ammunition to your label.Most importantly, be sure when you create your online label that you’re honest. Don’t put any income earning statements in your label unless you’re absolutely sure you can prove it and the website where you are placing your label allows it.If someone can prove your claims are false then you’ll lose all your online credibility and your business will suffer for it.This is the second step towards building You, Inc. and a successful online business.Create your label TODAY as a successful online business entrepreneur and others will see you as one too.Build Your Online Business PersonalityScott GustafsonE-Business Expert

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Inherent Dangers in the Sport of Cheerleading

Levels of SafetyThere are three levels of safety/injury in the sport of cheerleading in the two different cheerleading sports. Cheerleading ranks as the most dangerous women’s sport in all safety areas. The first level of safety involves catastrophic injury in which involves permanent paralysis or death. The second level of safety involves injuries for which the athlete must receive hospital care. The third level of safety involves injuries which require missing or altering an athlete’s practice or competition schedule.Height and MotionThere are logistical reasons why cheerleading is dangerous. Any activity involving height and motion involves the risk of injury. Cheerleading utilizes tumbling (motion) and basket tosses and pyramids (height and motion) and thus is inherently dangerous to some extent. Choosing to participate exposes cheerleaders to an increased risk of injury, including the risk of catastrophic injury.Performance AreasCheerleaders, except in competitions, perform on surfaces designed for an entirely different sport. Basketball floors and football fields were not designed with cheerleaders in mind to even a minor degree. Even the layout of most basketball and football (and other sports) facilities are not planned with a specific cheerleading area designated, so cheerleaders are stuck performing around the edges of anther sports playing area.Failure to WarnOne of the legal liabilities of any sport and certainly any sports injury lawsuit involves the failure to warn the participants in the activity of the dangers of their participation. There seems to be little doubt that cheerleaders, especially young cheerleaders, and their parents are not sufficiently aware of the dangers they are being exposed to by participation in the sport of cheerleading. While we are not in favor of the sometimes recommended scare tactic methods of warning athletes of dangers (don’t create self-fulfilling prophecy psychology), there is no doubt that cheerleaders would be safer if they understood that safety practices are never to be bypassed.Cheerleading CompetitionsCheerleading has split into two distinct sports, although some programs perform and compete in both. Cheerleading used to be an athletic activity designed to act as a support system for other sports. There was more interest in boosting school and team spirit than in increasing skill difficulty. Cheer competitions changed all that as difficulty was introduced as an important factor in judging cheer competitions.Alphabet SoupThere has been a proliferation of cheerleading associations, matching the rise of the popularity of cheerleading competitions. Often, the primary motivation for the start-up, operation and management of cheerleading associations is financial. Coaching and safety considerations, other than at their own competitions, camps and clinics can often fall by the wayside when the primary association activities are financial.